Dear Wag Tags Customers:

This has been a tough period for Wag Tags Inc. Due to circumstances beyond our control, over the last year or so we've been forced to live with a new ordering and shipping system that is slow, inefficient, costly, labour intensive and cumbersome. It has resulted in many customers becoming unhappy because of having to wait way too long to get their orders, me being unhappy and constantly feeling stressed because many of my customers are unhappy about the long delays in getting their orders processed and delivered and the company losing money.

I had considered closing the business down many months ago but kept with it because without me acting as the Canadian reseller for the company that makes the tags, no one in Canada would be able to get a Wag Tag delivered to them unless they have a US address the order could be shipped to as the company who makes them will no longer ship direct to customers outside of the USA. I think the Wag Tags we sell are the best pet I.D. tags made anywhere at any price and I really wanted to keep giving Canadian pet owners access to them. It also helped that the site does raise some money for the Rescue societies I support on this website.

And for those reasons I may have decided to keep on going with the business were it not for other problems that have come up and are causing the company to continually take unsustainable losses. That problem has a name and its name is Canada Post. I don't know why but for whatever reason(s) Canada Post's service has become so unreliable in 2020, it just makes no sense to continue operating this business. By my estimate, Canada Post lost or failed to deliver 10 - 20% of the last two batches of orders that I mailed out to customers. This has resulted in me having to give dozens of customers refunds or re-ordering their tags from the manufacturer (at my cost) and paying to re-ship the orders to the customer. That rate of loss is unsustainable for a small business like Wag Tags.

And so it is with deep regret that I am announcing that the Wag Tags website is no longer taking orders and is discontinuing the sale of Wag Tags and stainless steel hanging tags for at least the next little while and perhaps forever. I will, however, continue working to ensure that customers with outstanding orders will get their orders fulfilled and delivered. From this point forward, all communication with Wag Tags should be done through email,

Thank you to all of the customers who have supported this business by purchasing our Wag Tags and stainless steel hanging tags. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Roger Dunkley

Wag Tags for Adjustable Collars

Made of durable stainless steel and bent to match the curve of your pet's neck. This style is correct for adjustable length collars with snap-lock buckle parts at either end and Martingale collars, etc. If your pet's collar is a traditional belt-style collar with a belt buckle at one end only then choose a Wag Tag for a belt-style collar.

$12.45 CAD


Wag Tags for adjustable collars. This tag is available in 4 different sizes, please select the size you require below.

Wag Tags for Adjustable Collars
Tag size:
Fits 3/8" or 1/2" wide collar

Fits 5/8" wide collar

Fits 3/4" wide collar

Fits 1" wide collar
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